Deep Pocket Thieves

"Blues bands come and go with varying degrees of success and ability, so it's no surprise that Colorado has a plethora of new bands. Deep Pocket Thieves blends the diverse backgrounds and musical histories of its members into a delicious melange of blues, soul and rock, with just a bit of funky R&B.  The result:  a band that is so good they're heading to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge on behalf of the Mile High Blues Society.  With each of the members bringing years of experience to the table, DPT has quickly established itself as a local favorite.  Their first EP is a gold mine of deep and heartfelt blues, soaring harmonics and vocals.  Lead vocalist Larea Edwards,  whose background includes singing in a church choir, has not just a fabulous and strong voice, but a charisma and presence like few in the industry. Larea leaves no doubt that her talent is soul-deep, and the rest of the band brings that same depth of ability and feeling.  With Jimmy Ayers on keyboards, Jim DeSchamp on guitar, Jodie Woodward on bass and Scott Rivera on drums, DPT is a rich blend of amazing talent and years of experience.  Four of the five offerings on the EP are originals, and the cover of John-Alex Mason's Locomotive is nothing short of magical.  The EP starts off with the original Memphis Saturday, a sultry, smoky, deep-down soul-filled blues number that showcases the talents of Larea's vocals and Jimmy's understated keyboard.

The Deep Pocket Thieves are going to Memphis!  On Sunday, August 7th the DPT was selected by the judges for the Mile High Blues Society (MHBS) to represent them at the International Blues Challenge (IBC) in February 2017.  After competing with many local bands in Colorado, the DPT emerged as the winner of the MHBS local competition. 

2017 International Blues Challenge will be January 31-February 4, 2017. The International Showcase will open the event on January 31 with competition rounds February 1-4 in venues located on historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. Registration will open October 1, 2016. Registration deadline is November 24, 2016. 

The list of current blues artists that have competed in the International Blues Challenge over the years is impressive indeed: Barbara Blue, Fiona Boyes, Eden Brent, the late Michael Burks, Sean Carney, Albert Castiglia, Tommy Castro, Grady Champion, the late Sean Costello, Albert Cummings, Delta Moon, Larry Garner, Joey Gilmore, Diunna Greenleaf, Zac Harmon, Homemade Jamz Blues Band, Richard Johnston, Robin Rogers, Matthew Skoller, JP Soars, Super Chikan, Susan Tedeschi, Teeny Tucker, Trampled Under Foot and Watermelon Slim. 

The DPT is very honored to represent the Mile High Blues Society at the IBC in Memphis in 2017.  Along with winning acts from other Colorado Blues Societies we are proud to represent the Colorado Blues and Music Community.